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Hotels and apartments to asset operation: revitalize the stock property of N + 1

Date: 2019-10-20

On October 17, Michael space traffic economic peak BBS can (Shanghai) yuan a Hilton Hotel in Shanghai is held ceremoniously.The summit will gather service, brand and capital party elite, is focused on the stock property markets, regional development jointly explore new opportunities, expand the space of new resources, enhance the brand value, the power industry development.

At the meeting of the round table theme activities, discusses the "asset operation, revitalize the stock property of N + 1 possible" topic, point for the round table xiao-yu ding, vice President of the host, bonhams Xia Guo jump, Hilton Hotel group general manager, vice President of greater China development, Beijing capital tourism chief development officer Hu Juan home inns hotel group, Vienna hotel co., LTD., kang platinum brand division President XiaoBo, le apartment group vice President/east China area general manager He Guang, city apartment, chief strategy officer wei-dong jiang, dialogue as a guest to participate in the activities of the round table topic to share.

As the current increment the shortage of land supply and a second-tier cities people expect of old city transformation, mainly stock space transformation of connotative growth become the urban development, urban renewal has become a new trend in the real estate and longitudinal deepening development of fresh air.Facing commercial space operational difficulties, how to link for hotels, apartments, office three big industry upstream and downstream resources, to build commercial space innovation ecosystem, each brand has become the focus of attention.At the same time, the stock market to property of high energy combination operation, hotels, apartments, office has also become the investment behavior.

Light operating assets, hardcore players of the new opportunities

Growth in number since 2002, the China hotel.According to the life cycle of the hotel, 15 years will experience four big transformation."Over the past 15 years, China hotel is relatively the least profitable 15 years, especially in recent 10 years in hotel profit ability is very poor, so the investors should say capital hasn't come back, will enter a new round of reform believe in addition to an individual position is very good, the past few years have very good return on the hotel, he has ability, has the strength to do.But for some position slightly almost or grades aren't good enough, over the past 15 years inside the hotel some of the decline, some aging and a decline in market competitiveness, and so on, these are all in the face of a new stage, the pain points is a huge pain points, and it is also a huge amount.Baolong hotel group general manager Xia Guo jump in the round table topic said at the meeting.

China hotel into an era of stock, this is a huge pain points for owner to investors, but it is also a huge opportunity, as the decline in the real estate cooling and the whole economic situation, hotel investment returns gradually, and the numerical, China in the global ranking is reciprocal.In commercial real estate in China, the comparison between different formats, the hotel industry's return on investment is still poor.From the perspective of new investors for new project investment will be very cautious, because the hotel is also real estate stretches out the supplementary forms.

What is huge opportunity for management?As consumer upgrades, the consumer has higher requirement for the hotel, especially in the vision, the design feels on the standard, and the experience on request, is completely different from before, this is the upgrade of new opportunities.They are willing to pay more for it, they would be willing to pay more.So in the new period, the hotel upgrading, product upgrading is needed, the deepening of market segmentation is more and more thin, the value of IP is also gradually revealed.Good IP model is helpful for people to remember you, form a cultural identity, have sense of superiority.

But how to upgrade to reposition?How can through cross-border assignment?Some hotels and space, the artistic implanted into, let everyone enjoy the experience at the same time, also can enjoy the pleasure of art brings, also can produce some related to consumer impulse.This is the new hotel can assign, and new opportunities.But need to be able to hold up this logic and the journey, in addition to the capital and creativity, is far from enough.