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Beijing exposition park 21 reopening

Date: 2019-10-22

Today, 2019 Beijing exposition park outdoor part will be reopened.

Bureau of Beijing world park, the park park in open areas as public landscape area and ZhanYuan outdoor space, the stadiums are not open.The beauty of the four main stadium appearance, day Tian Shan, Gui Rui lake, yongning pavilion, garden town, longqing street garden scenery, more than 30 provinces of Chinese gardening exhibit ZhanYuan, and dozens of world horticulture demonstration of countries and international organizations can be visited ZhanYuan.Germany ZhanYuan, Russia ZhanYuan due to remove problem involved, no longer open to the public.

Park open time is 9 am to 4 PM (3 o 'clock in the afternoon to stop the ticket), ticket price 20 yuan/person, visitors through the park park gate 6, no. 4 door window into the garden and tickets purchased P4 and P5 parking lot for visitors.Disabled people, more than 60 people, military or armed police officers and soldiers, 6 years of age and under, is 1.3 meters tall and free into the garden, children under 6 years of age (excluding 6 years of age) - 18 one full year of life (including 18) teenagers, full-time bachelor degree and the following students and personnel who hold of the social security claim tags can buy tickets at half price.