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The overall appearance at the end of the park in Beijing China pavilion is expected The garden hotel in late December completion inspection and acceptance

Date: 2018-09-11

Along the China pavilion jumped into the owner road hundred meters, with the aid of uav aerial perspective, by the 132 main girder beams, 5400 small bar, 2184 tension rod and 696 root level support bar on the combination of lap steel roofing, 5300 pieces of gold glittering facade glass is like a crystal type is gradually covered the splendid flexibly gorgeous body.On the "body" on both sides, cascade and characteristic landscape terrace place rack is like a party, firmly held flexibly at both ends.

Half ring due to the China pavilion engineering structure, structure of ultrahigh overrun, more than 90% for arc structure, and 5300 pieces of glass fa? Ade, each piece of specifications and sizes are different, brings to the construction of a huge challenge.Application of BIM technology to guide the production, but also become one of the characteristics of the China pavilion engineering, 3 d visualization model has been run through the whole production process.

According to introducing, the China pavilion engineering especially emphasizes the green construction.Project department at the beginning of the project construction, actively planning the earthwork balance way after the excavation of earthwork backfilling, sinotrans "not outsourcing side, and not a car", only colorful terraces built a pile of earthwork turnover use the park nearly 160000 cubic meters.In addition, in the construction site set up wind power, solar hybrid street lights along the main road;Set the rainwater collection pool, after precipitation to the sprinkler dust, road spray;Late stripping construction area soil to outdoor terrace trees, flower cultivation, clever mind.

Beijing urban construction group construction of the park project implementation manager wei-guang zhou, according to the progress of the inverted, is expected to be completed at the end of September facade decorate and terrace heap up, realize the overall appearance of China pavilion.

As a key supporting engineering in the exposition, but also the future yanqing area leisure tourism an important landmark project, the park hotel engineering in the comprehensive construction.

According to the plan, the park hotel project would be the end of December this year the completion inspection and acceptance.